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Dress for Success New Plymouth

What is DFS?

Dress for Success is part of a global movement for change, empowering women so they are financially independent, treated with dignity and respect and their role in economic sustainability is recognised. We work with referral agencies, volunteers and companies to make a big impact on women’s lives. We provide a ‘wrap around’ service which begins with providing each client with professional attire to secure employment.  Our career centre and mentoring programmes aim to furnish our clients with the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential.

Brief background

Dress for Success Worldwide was established by Nancy Lublin in 1996 with a small inheritance. The organisation has grown to 139 affiliates in 18 countries, with seven of these in New Zealand. Over three quarters of a million women have accessed the services of DFS worldwide. Dress for Success New Plymouth was established in 2012 and currently employs a part time co-ordinator. The organisation is supported by wonderful volunteers who ensure its ongoing success.

How to access our service

Once a woman is actively job searching, she can obtain a referral from her training provider or WINZ case manager to visit us.  Or she can simply email or phone us for an appointment.  Our volunteers will assist her to choose an interview outfit and will also provide guidance and support for the upcoming interview.

How to get involved as a volunteer

We offer a variety of opportunities to become involved including, working directly with clients to find suitable clothing for job hunting, providing advice on makeup and hair, and undertaking inventory maintenance. Other volunteer roles might include providing mock interviews, job specific mentoring, seminar presentations, administration, assisting with publicity events.

Opening Hours: 9-2pm Mon, Weds, Thurs. Other times by appointment

Lorraine Webber, Co-ordinator:  

Mobile: 022 407 5997 / Landline: 06 769 5292

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Dress for Success New Plymouth promotes the economic independence
of women by providing professional clothing and more